Type is not a verb: What is this about?


A few years ago, a good friend of mine, Michelle dos Santos, and myself were super keen on starting a typography blog, called type is not a verb. A few years on, this still hasn’t happened, but I think the merit of the statements rings as true today as it did then.

Type is not a verb, it’s a crucial tool used by designers to communicate more than just the words that it makes up. Type is beautiful, emotive and celebrates communication. Type is not a verb, it is a love affair. Every designer who has ever spent a crazy amount of money on a typeface just because the lower case g was the most beautiful they’d ever seen, will agree. (Look at Michelle’s board on Pinterest to fully appreciate the effect a beautiful lower case g can have)

In the weekly series, Type is not a verb, I’ll showcase some beautiful typography that you can enjoy, and I’ll also give some insight into how typography can be used to enhance design, and communication.